"I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster" ...Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

A. Expectations from Students:

  • Respect: ‘Reverence for man is the first step toward reverence for God’.Students should cultivate love and reverence to all the elders and teachers.The hostel cannot be held responsible if the student leaves the campus without the permission of the authorities. Such students will not be admitted to the hostel again.
  • Discipline: Discipline is of paramount importance in the campus. Students who enter the campus shall always remember, ‘Discipline is essential for the success of every endeavor of man’.
  • Serenity: Students should not indulge in loud talk and idle chat. Absolute silence will have to be maintained in gatherings like prayer sessions, functions and study classes. Whistling and singing film songs are strictly prohibited.
  • Taking Responsibility: Purposeless wandering, abstaining from regular routine is not allowed.  Students are expected to carry out their duties and obligations.
  • Respecting property: Students should not cause any damage to the furniture and equipment of the institution; in case of their causing any damage they have to pay the fine levied by the authorities.
  • Humility: Humility is the firm foundation of a strong character.  ‘Wisdom can grow only where humility prevails’.  Hence, it is expected that students display humility. 
  • Self-regulation: All the students shall wake up at 5:00AM and they must participate in group prayers and other activities of the day whole-heartedly and punctually. The boys shall go to bed immediately after the night prayer at 9:45 PM.
  • Cleanliness: Students are expected to keep their dwelling rooms, classrooms and campus premises absolutely clean and tidy. 
  • Decency: Decent and unostentatious dress habits are to be cultivated; sporting long nail and distortions of hairstyle are strictly forbidden.
  • Reading material: Students and others are prohibited from bringing here any literature, newspapers, magazines or any other things considered to be harmful or unnecessary by the authorities.
  • Electronic items: Transistors, Walkman, camera, tape-recorders, iron-boxes, mobile, I-pods (Mp3 players) etc., are not permitted.
  • Food, drinks etc.:Smoking, drinking, eating non-vegetarian food including eggs are totally prohibited; if any student is found to be given to such wrong ways he will be dismissed from the hostel.
  • Vehicles: Students should not drive cars, two wheelers etc., in the campus.

B. To The Kind attention Of Parents

  • Beware: It has come to our notice that some people pretend to be close to the hostel authorities, approach the parents with the intention of cheating them and extract money from them with the assurance that they will get a seat for their wards in the hostel. Parents are requested not to be taken in by such false promises.
  • Co-operation: Parents should co-operate in maintaining good and cordial relations between the students and the members of the staff. Parents should not do or talk anything that may damage the respect of the students towards the institution and the staff.
  • Parents’ visits:
    1. After the admission of the students in June, parents are not expected to come over to the campus till 15th July.
    2. Parents should not request for permission to meet the students on working days. They can meet them only on certain Sundays during fixed timings.
    3. Parents shall not enter the rooms of their children when they go over to see them. Instead, they shall meet their boys in the office at fixed timings with the permission of the warden.
    4. Parents are advised not to bring any eatables, non-vegetarian food, and soft drinks for their boys; only fruits and biscuits can be brought.
    5. Parents shall not request for permission to take the boys outside the campus.
    6. Parents or guardians are not allowed to stay in the campus during nights.
    7. Smoking in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • Permission to go home: Students residing in the hostel will be allowed to go home only during the mid-term and summer vacations. Students will not be allowed to go home for pooja, birthday celebration, pilgrimage etc., But in exceptionally unavoidable circumstances, leave will be sanctioned to the students for one or two days only, if the authorities are convinced of such a necessity. In such cases, parents have to write a letter to the warden requesting for leave explaining the reasons. Request through phones will not be entertained.