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"I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster" ...Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sri Madhusudhan is one of the very brilliant and talented alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He has received two gold medals from Swami for standing first in the University in B.Sc (Hons.) and MBA courses. More importantly, he is a committed devotee and a sincere spiritual aspirant who has dedicated himself to the divine mission.

“Swami also explained to that He could not continue physically because it was impossible for Him to even brush His teeth or put on His clothes and look after Himself. It was too below His dignity to depend on others for that long, so He decided to give up the ‘old car’ as He called it, which didn’t work anymore, and change into a ‘new car’ which could go faster towards the same Goal of Transformation. “The Road is the same. The Goal is the same. It is just the car that has changed,” He said.

Then He explained that He has four forms. The Physical Form, Sthoola Shareera, like we all have; the Subtle Form, Sookshma Shareera, which is the mind, with feelings and thoughts - just like the Physical Form, minus flesh and bones; the Higher Subtle Form, Athi Sookshma Shareera, which is how He comes into peoples’ dreams and meditations; and finally, the Omnipresent Super Subtle Form, Paraa Sookshma Shareera, in which He is present in every being and every atom, everywhere.

Swami said, “I will be in this Subtle Form, which is just like the Physical Form, without flesh and bones.” That is how He is going to take His mission forward. “My work is not yet over!” He declared. “Keep yourself selfless and pure so that I may use you all as My instruments. I do not have a body, but I shall use your bodies to do My work. Your hands shall be My hands, your feet shall be My feet, your words shall be My words, and your actions shall be My actions. Be selfless. Glorious times are ahead, when the whole world will become Saimayam (filled with Sai). Soon, I will be back in another Physical Form as Prema Sai, who will further guide you all and continue the work.”