"When you take one step towards God, God takes ten towards you" ...Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The unique feature of these institutions is that sound liberal education is imparted on modern lines, blending it with the noble values of Indian heritage in an atmosphere of devotion, discipline, love and mutual cooperation, completely free of any fees and other charges.

These institutions have on their campuses a band of dedicated elders and teachers who have taken a vow of life-long celibacy (Brahmacharya). They stay with the students on the campus and look after their progress and welfare. This band of men of sacrifice was inspired by the example and precept of late Madiyala Narayana Bhat. Apart from serving the student community, they are also striving to uplift the villages around the campus with support from ‘Children Of Sathya Sai,’ the alumni of the institutions.